Greatest Accumulator Football Betting Tips & High Odds Promotions at Nigeria

What’s accumulator gambling?

An accumulator wager is a multi-bet which includes a couple of selections. Frequently Known as Accas, Combo stakes, Parlays, along with Multi-bets. The most crucial characteristic of an accumulator bet is that all of your selections have to win in order for the bet to cover.


Greatest Promotions for Accumulator Betting

Which are the top tips for accumulator gambling?

We have compiled a listing of the a number of the greatest accumulator betting pointers that will assist you take advantage of the kind of wager. Whilst there’s not any sure means of winning an acca, following these ideas will certainly boost your odds of becoming that crucial pay-out.


Heal your wager just like any other sort of wager

Betting isn’t about the number of diverse choices you triumph; it’s how much of your gain you earn and if your gains are exceeding your own losses. Accumulator gambling is not any different and you always need to consider these kinds of stakes as being a big single wager. Finally, obtaining a five-fold acca that provides you total chances of 12.00 to acquire, is like putting one bet in an underdog who additionally has chances of 12.00 to emerge on top. The one distinction is that in relation to chances, one underdog has greater probability of winning compared to five other potential favorites. Be careful with your stakes and keep in mind it is important to have patience when employing an accumulator bet.


Shopping around for the best chances

Whilst this trick is helpful to all kinds of gambling, it’s essential to get the best chances when you are compiling an acca. Considering that most of the chances on your choices will be multiplied with one another, even the tiniest change in likelihood may have a enormous influence on your potential winnings. Various bookmakers may have different odds based on different niches. If you love making an accumulator stake from over/under targets, you may discover that one bookie provides the best chances but if generating a acca from draw no bet, it’s a different gaming website that provides the much better margins. Shop around to be certain that once you eventually get that huge win you have been dreaming of, you’ll earn as much gain as possible.


Just including value stakes

Value stakes have the utmost value to some significant bettor. A value wager is one in which the results of a game is perceived with a greater probability of happening than that which the bookmaker’s odds indicate. A widely used formula to exercising a value wager is (Probability of winning) x (Number won per wager ) — (Probability of Losing) x (Number lost per wager ). Do not be concerned if you are finding this somewhat complicated because it’s an innovative gaming concept that takes time to comprehend and apply correctly. We have written an extremely comprehensive article that explains worth gambling and opportunity at far more detail that will assist you understand this notion further. Placing value bets on your accumulator won’t just boost your probability of getting a triumph but may also boost the last pay-out therefore we certainly recommend you looking into this further.


don’t get carried away with your choices

Many bettors that opt to go to get an accumulator drop in the trap of deciding to bet on numerous favorites with brief odds in precisely the exact same bet slide. Whilst this isn’t a problem if you have completed your research and you believe these stakes have worth, more frequently than notpunters put these bets believing that championships will win. If all of the choices are on shorts chances, players need to decide on a high number of choices in their acca merely to find a sensible pay-out. Betting ₦50 about 5 games with chances of 1.45, 1.37, 1.50, 1.73, and also 1.22 will just supply a pay-out of all 314.

On a similar note, return into the higher risk, higher reward character of accumulator stakes, many gamers can occasionally become jaded by the terrific gains in potential winnings whenever they add an option for their bet slide into the point at which they keep adding an increasing number of stakes. It’s necessary to remain in charge of your targets and maintain your bets sensible. Don’t be overly greedy and make a wager slide that’s not possible to win.


Why you need to think about a draw no bet rather than the full-time outcome

Draw no bet usually means that in case the game you put a wager on ends up tied, then your choice will become void and you won’t lose your cash. Deciding to place a draw-no-bet in your accumulator is consequently an extremely useful means of bettering your own losses. When a gaming choice is decided to emptiness as a consequence of a draw, then the likelihood of the game are taken out of the bet slide and the possible closing pay-out is decreased. Draw no stakes essentially stop one attracted game from totalling ruining your accumulator and leaving you nothing. As we always say, not as winnings are consistently better than any winnings therefore look at including a draw no bet to those risky choices.

accumulator bet draw no bet

Know the acca principles

Distinct bookmakers have different rules when it has to do with accumulators, therefore it’s essential to examine their terms and terms carefully before placing any bets. As we previously mentioned before in this guide, stakes becoming emptiness is just one of the most frequent instances which you need to look closely at. When there’s a heightened likelihood of a wager getting void (such as in an Asian handicap stake ) you need to think about the dangers of giving birth to a lower pay out when compared with another choices you’re wagering.

Let us say you just made the next accumulator wager:

Manchester United to beat Watford — 1.87

Manchester City to overcome Bournemouth — 1.63

Aston Villa to overcome Tottenham — 3.12

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang to score the first goal for Arsenal — 2.45

Your chances for this acca is going to be 23.30.


Now imagine during the warm-up of all Arsenal’s match, Aubameyang gets hurt and is not able to begin the game. Because he doesn’t play even 1 moment and consequently had no opportunity of accomplishing a goal, this wager choice will become entangled and the likelihood removed in the bet slip.


Your upgraded bet slide will look similar to that:

Manchester United to beat Watford — 1.87

Manchester City to overcome Bournemouth — 1.63

Aston Villa to overcome Tottenham — 3.12

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang to score the first goal for Arsenal — VOID

Considering the remainder of your selections continue to be legitimate, your fresh chances will consequently be 9.51.


Search for the ideal accumulator provides

Just like shopping round for bookmakers having the most competitive chances, it’s also advisable to shop around to find the ideal accumulator offers. Many bookmakers today opt to provide acca-related promotions therefore that it’s essential to be on the watch. Some are in the kind of a refund of your bet if a single choice loses (also known as an acca insurance) while some may take the kind of a 100% bonus on your winnings if you’re victorious. Do your search and discover a bonus which appeals to you so which you are able to increase your accumulator bet bonuses. As an alternative, you could scroll down on this page and visit that our very own hand-picked collection of finest African bookmaker accumulator provides.


the way to produce an accumulator bet?

So to create your own accumulator bet, just choose all of the choices which you believe will come true (as you want with another single wager ), along with your bookmaker will unite them into a single bet slide — it is that easy! You have to remember to set your bet on the accumulator part of this bet slip rather than about the singles (as may be found from the picture below). It’s essential to remember that in a accumulator all of your bet selections need to be of distinct kinds i.e. not’linked’.

In case you would like to wager on various selections of the identical event, as an instance the winner of a game, the amount of corners, and also the very first goal scorer of the identical game, you’d either have to select them as single stakes or whatever you would have to produce your own wager employing a bookmaker’s wager builder or ask a wager instrument (if they have one). We’ll talk more about that later.

Have a look at our main article about Bet Builder attribute here.

betway nigeria accumulator

Accumulator Bet Calculator 

It’s quite straightforward to figure your potential winnings if setting an accumulator bet, particularly when using decimal chances. All you need to do is multiply all the offered odds by one another and then from the sum which you’re wagering.


As an instance, let us say the chances during a Premier League matchday are as follows:

Arsenal to beat Chelsea — 1.86

Southampton to overcome Tottenham — 3.64

Liverpool to beat Crystal Palace — 1.47

Everton to overcome Newcastle — 2.45

If you chose to put a ₦50 accumulator bet on Arsenal, Southampton, Liverpool, Everton, then your winnings will be 5 x 1.86 x 3.64 x 1.47 x 2.45 that could provide you some hefty pay-out of ₦1219,2. It’s not tough to determine why these kinds of stakes are popular with all these individuals around the planet — the guarantee of a huge win coming out of a little investment is sufficient to render all of mouths watering.

In case you’d prefer a lot simpler means of calculating your accumulator betting odds, we have created an automated pay-out calculator that may obtain here.


Which exactly are Correlated Markets?

When we touched on before, you can’t make an accumulator wager from a couple of selections which are mutually dependent on each other, such as one group winning the first half and winning the game. This can be known as a connected market and the main reason behind this is because every choice no more stays independent that, consequently, raises the chance of this bookmaker confronting a reduction, like a team is leading at half time, they’re regarded as more likely to win the game. Should you decide to wager on mutually reliant choices, you’ll need to set your bet as two sisters stakes without the choice of putting an accumulator stake as shown on the screenshot below.

accumulator bet correlated


Occasionally bookmakers will even alert you once you have made choices with related market limitations, as may be found below.


Which are different kinds of accumulator bets?

there’s an entire slew of accumulator betting choices to select from based on the number of choices you would like to select. If you put a bet on 4 legitimate selections, you’ll have a four-fold accumulator while in case you bet on 7 distinct choice you may have what’s known as a seven-fold accumulator, etc. It’s essential to notice that the phrase’leg’ is occasionally employed by bookmakers as opposed to’fold’ therefore in case you find that a five-legged wager it’s still speaking to a accumulator.

accumulator bet table


Which are System Bets?

A strategy wager is much like an accumulator since it is made up of numerous choices, however a significant difference between both is that in a machine wager, you don’t have to acquire each of your choices to receive a pay-out. How this occurs is due to the method by which in which the wager is constructed as all of the choices on your betting slip is going to be performed in distinct mixes according to singles, doubles, trebles, 4 springs, 5 folds etc.

Remember though, the more games you need to wager , the more you might need to bet. There are several diverse sorts of system stakes based on their dimensions that you are able to see in the table. Because you may see, stakes can vary from the easy double and treble choices that include a two-legged and three-legged multi-bet respectively, all of the way to bigger, more elaborate choices such as the Lucky 63 and Goliath stakes. In case accumulators never appear to move your way, we highly suggest checking out strategy stakes.

accumulator bet system bet table

What’s Anti-Accumulator Betting?

An anti-accumulator wager, also referred to as a lose-to-win wager, is the contrary of a accumulator bet in you will win if you suspect your choices erroneously. Very similar to a normal acca wager, when creating an anti-acca you’ve got to select a couple of choices from other events which aren’t mutually determined. A significant distinction between the two yet is that although with you will need to win each of your choices at a normal acca to be given a pay-out, within an anti-acca that you just have to guess wrongly on a single result to be given a partial pay-out. Your winnings will be calculated based on the true accumulator’s winning cost.


Obtaining a semi pay-out for just imagining one choice incorrectly is precisely the reason you need to think about opting to get an anti-accumulator wager. Suppose we’ve got a 3-fold routine acca together with the likelihood 1.42*1.61*1.85 = 4.23 (complete ). The likelihood of winning this accumulator is as follows: 1/4.23 * 100% = 24% significance that possibility of dropping this acca is: 100 — 24 = 76%

Bearing this in mindwe could conclude there are chances of 1.32 (100/76) the anti-accumulator will likely come true, hence boosting your odds of winning.

Which are a few of the greatest soccer accumulator gambling wins?

so as to provide you a bit of motivation when setting your next acca wager, we have compiled a listing of 6 among the greatest soccer accumulator wins recorded.

big accumulator win

A anonymous bettor out of London, UK once scooped #650,000 later wagering #100 about eight games. Furthermore impressive is these stakes were made in-play while all of the groups people losing.

Back in 2011, an anonymous, jobless man from Malta won #585,000 in an amazing 19-legged accumulator having just wagered 80p. The blessed bettor put his bet on William Hill and eventually become successful when Liverpool’s Glen Johnson uttered a winner from rivals Chelsea.

Back in 2017, a woman from Leysdown-on-sea, UK won #574,278 out of a 1 acca on 12 matches. The girl allegedly just placed the bet since she had been tired of her husband and boy watching football each weekend. She had zero plan when putting her wager and picked her choices because she enjoyed the sound of those groups.

Back in 2001, a guy from Manchester, UK gained #500,000 out of a 30p bet to a 15-fold accumulator — once more in William Hill.

Back in 2016, an anonymous punter in Suffolk, UK gained #223,000 in an amazing 20-fold accumulator. Having won his wager out of English bookmaker BetVictor, the 26-year-old winner chances of winning were believed to be less probable than the alien invasion.



Accumulator bets are among the most fascinating elements of gambling and may quickly transform a normal day of football into among the very heart-racing, adrenaline-pumping, memorable times of your lifetime.  With that said however, it’s important to not overuse accumulators since the chances are always likely to be against you personally as well as the odds of winning . If you’re patient and cautious, and if you follow the ideas given in this guide and also do some proper research, who knows? Perhaps you might be the upcoming big winner added to the listing. Do not forget you could set an accumulator as a Free Bet.

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