License Plates – VA


Wouldn’t you like to see The University of Alabama License Plates on your vehicles in Virginia?

The University of Alabama’s National Capital and Richmond Alabama Alumni Chapters have been working hard to obtain enough applications for a collegiate tag in Virginia. We hope this is the year we meet our goal, but we can’t do that without your help!

We are more than halfway to our goal of 350 applications. For an application, click here.

While we are collecting all 350 applications needed, we are asking that people fill out the form and either scan in and email to or mail to:

National Capital Chapter
PO Box 2671
Arlington, VA 22202-2671

Once all of the applications have been received, you will be contacted for the payment portion. If scanning your application, please hold on to the original copy to send in when payment is requested.

Your VA license plate representatives:
Lauren Oswalt, National Capital Chapter
Robert Brown, Richmond Alabama Alumni Chapter

Here are a few points to consider:

  • We already have received sign-off from the University and DMV on the design.
  • Once we have collected more than 350 paid applications, we will submit one check to the DMV, along with our tag design.
  • The price is $25 per tag, plus an additional $10 if you currently have or want personalized tags. Total maximum cost: only $35.
  • After submission, we are at the mercy of the DMV process. Their documentation states that it could take up to 4-6 months from that point… although we hope that it won’t take that long. Please be patient, and know that we will be in touch with DMV and will be prodding them along, as gently and effectively as we can


Q: What if I have already filled an application?

A: For previously collected applications, they are kept on file and once we collect all the applications we will reach out to everyone to make sure the information is correct before submitting everything.

Q: What if I currently have a personalized tag?

A: Due to the size of the UA logo, we are limited to 6 letters/numbers. Therefore, if you currently have a longer expression, such as “ROLL TIDE”, on your tag, then you have a tough decision to make: keep the phrase on a regular plate, or choose a new 6-character combination for the University of Alabama plate. However, if you have a phrase such as “UA 1”, you can submit this on your form and continue to use it! And regardless of which option you choose, as long as you maintain the personalized combination on your tag, you won’t lose it to someone else. Just remember: you should submit the extra $10 for personalization, in addition to the $25 for the Bama tag, even if you previous have paid this amount.

Q: I want to personalize. How can I see what’s available?

A: You can check the DMV website to see if various combinations are available. Go to

and you can check to see if your combination is available. To test your phrase, use the University of Florida tag, as it will limit you to 6 characters just like ours. Please note that when you fill out the form, they ask for 3 different choices in case identical choices already submitted. We don’t know how they will break ties, especially since all 350 applications are submitted at once. If you really want a certain combination, we suggest that you visit the DMV immediately and secure that choice on a regular tag.

Q: What if I want to get an additional tag?

A: There is a checkbox on the application if you would like an extra tag, such as to display in your office or home. The extra tag costs an additional $20. This is a one-time payment.

Q: What if I have multiple vehicles?

A: You must complete one form for each vehicle, and include $25 for each vehicle (plus $10 if you want to personalize your tag).

If you have any additional questions, please contact Kari Comer at or Courtney Rogers at