License Plates – DC

Wouldn’t you like to see The University of Alabama License Plates on your vehicles in The District of Columbia?

    DC Sample License Plate Design

For District of Columbia Residents:
For you, the process is very simple.  The District of Columbia requires at least twenty-five (25) individuals who are DC registered drivers.  The cost of the DC license plates is $25.  Please note that personalized license plates are not available in DC.  All you have to do is register your name and current DC license plate number.

To sign up for the DC Plate, please email the link below and include:
1.  Your name
2. Mailing Address
3. Email Address
4. Current DC tag number
5. Telephone Number

Once we receive twenty-five (25) signatures of intent, the Chapter will submit the list to the District of Columbia DMV and work with them to get the license plate design approved.  We will be coordinating with the University of Alabama on license plate design and approval during the registration period.  The DC tags do not require any collection of funds on our part.  Once the license plate design is approved by DC, we will then send the DC DMV form to those who signed the petition.  The DC residents will need to fill out the form and return to us with their check for $25 made out to the District of Columbia DMV.  Alternatively, you may go ahead and submit that information to us ahead of time and we can hold it until we get all required signatures.  The license plate design is notional and has not been approved by the District of Columbia or the University of Alabama.

Click here for the DC tag requirements.

If you have questions about the license plate process, or if the sign-up sheet above does not work, please contact