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National Capital Chapter
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Bryant-Denny Stadium seats more than 92,000 people on Saturdays in the fall. It is by far the largest and most recognizable structure on the campus of The University of Alabama, and indeed, all of Tuscaloosa. The frenzied screams of football fanatics fill the air all around UA and the Druid City. But when you visit the Capstone, you will find that there is much more to it than just Bryant-Denny.

The sprawling campus is itself a bit of a paradox. Alongside the massive shrine to sports is the beautiful Quadrangle (or "quad"), around which campus is situated. One can find a bit of solitude there, even while 20,000 other students march to and fro, attempting to make it to class on time. The University continues to grow and develop by adding state of the art dormitories and facilities such as Shelby Hall, home to many science classrooms and resarch facilities. Simultaneously, tradition is revered and preserved. Such places as the Old President's Mansion and the Little Round House celebrate the 177 year history of the Heart of Dixie's oldest institution of higher learning.

No matter where you call home, you will find a new one in Tuscaloosa. Please visit The University's website at, and make plans to visit campus. You will then know how the beauty of the campus becomes a part of you.

And when you walk across campus, even if it is near thousands of people singing "Yea, Alabama," listen to the trees. You'll hear a deep, warm voice whispering....."Child, Welcome Home!"