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National Capital Chapter
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Alumni & Friends

Hello Everyone! Thanks for helping us work toward another successful year with the National Capital Chapter Alabama Alumni Association Alumni and Friends. Please be sure that you check this site out frequently for updates.

We are looking forward to another great year at our home for football viewing parties, Old Dominion Brewhouse in Washington DC. For details and directions, check out ODB provids us with ample space and television sets for game viewings, along with great food and drink specials to enhance the experience. Undoubtedly, our symbiotic relationship with ODB will continue to grow and improve this year, as game viewings and other events (like the SEC Toys for Tots event and the Southern Pride Happy Hour we shared with LSU) have created an excellent working relationship, as well as a personal friendships between ODB staff and the NCC membership.

Furthermore, we are getting ready for another season of CAN Flag Football. We need all the people we can get. Please contact Cary Haney ( if you are even remotely interested in playing on the Alabama Flag Football Team. We need both men and women, so sign up and you'll see playing time. Lace up your cleats and join us on the field. We will be discussing this at our first Football Game Viewing Party.

Come down to Old Dominion, watch the game with us and have some fun!